inflatable hot tub led lights

Inflatable hot tubs intex pure spa reviews are a fun addition to any home regardless if you’ll be using it as your personal spa, a portable pool for you and your friends or even your children.
In fact, inflatable hot tubs can give you a lot of room for creativity, one of the many ways to customise your inflatable hot tub is by adding LED lights to it.
Some manufacturer’s like MSpa have built-in LED lights on their hot tubs where it can controlled by a touch of a button or with the use of a remote control.

But if you’d like a more colorful experience then you can buy submersible lights for your hot tub, here are some of our picks:

iPool Accessories Underwater Lights: $9.99, enjoy a colorful light show as amazon hot tubs where it can change from five various colors, flashes colorful lights in a rhythmic pattern to brighten up your hot tub experience especially at night while you sip some cold beers and fancy cocktails. It’s unique dome shape allows light to reach almost every part of your hot tub, each mode flashes unique patterns, and since it’s waterproof; you don’t have to worry about having it in your hot tub.

Essentials Hot Tub Lights: $45.75, bring more color into your hot tub with the help of this unique hot tub light. Choose from blue, green, red, gold, opal, violet or simply let the Starburst take control of the performance, set the mood for that special evening with your loved one or get the party started with your friends. Don’t worry as this hot tub light doesn’t consume much as your ordinary household light bulb.

Underwater Light Show: $11.05, tether this on your hot tub as you sit back and relax for a night. An inexpensive and innovative way to liven up your hot tub party with a couple of friends over, it also has 7 options for you to choose from and will automatically shut off after an hour. This hot tub light requires three (3) AAA batteries but they are included when you first purchase them.

Floating LED Underwater Lights: $8.88, brighten up your hot tub party by adding this floating underwater light, with 5 different light sequences, this little addition to your hot tub is sure to make your party more memorable. Simply turn it on and put it in your inflatable hot tub, its unique shape distributes the lights equally in your hot tub making it illuminated especially at night. It even comes with a balancing cup so you can use it on your tub or even in your room.

Large Underwater Disco AquaGlow: $18.49, bring out some fresh new beats and set the right mood with this awesome underwater disco light, it has seven (7) color schemes that’s sure to give you and your friends a unique party experience. It also has 7 light modes that you can choose from. Simply take this underwater light out of its box,put the three (3) AAA batteries included in the package, check to see if you’ve placed the batteries and that the screws are in place then put the cover back, flick the switch and put it inside your inflatable hot tub.