Hankison filter elements ensure clean, consistent air flow

Whenever you’re working with air systems you want clean air. Now clean air is not always the same – so how do you achieve this? With a Hankison filter element of course!

These filter elements are developed to fit any of a wide variety of uses. Medical air, plant air or even air for specific tools.

These filter elements help you remove the annoying particles, drops and vapors that might collect. This helps keep your air system flowing and providing the best air possible. Thus, you keep costs of maintenance down, while still being price efficient.

And don’t worry – these filters come in a wide variety of sizes. This means that whatever pipe you might have, you’re sure to find a filter that will fit and perform its duties effectively and without any hassle.

When you’re working with airflow there’s often not one solution that fits all. That’s why there are many grades of filtration with these filter elements. Do you want to get rid of pesky particles of dirt and dust? Or are you in need of something finer, like the separation of moisture? No matter what, you will find a grade that fits!